Alisha comes with an embarrassing wetting accident in her pants, and it’s all captured on security camera in this video.Sosha has set up an innovative, app controlled security program, enabling her to control her door locks and track safety cameras on her mobile cell phone. To test out her new system, she determines to mess around with Alisha.Alisha arrives home to find the doorway has been remotely locked. Unknown to Alisha, Sosha is viewing her on camera. Desperate to pee, Alisha despised around, trying to maintain it, while she struggles to find the door shut. Sosha gets bored of getting Alisha locked outside, so she lets her in, remotely unlocking the door. Alisha rushes upstairs to use the bathroom only to find it also is locked. Sosha proceeds to see via security camera as Alisha develops increasingly more distressed wetting her pants.

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