Divine Bitch: Mistress Lorelei LeeGimp Girl: Charlotte ValeSlave: Zac TylerSlave Zac really is a large suck and believes Mistress Lorelei will go easy on him, this will give him brownie points. Fairly to contrary! She brings her gimp woman that is beautiful to show slave Zac that he is still lowest on the totem pole. He begins off rock hard so he’s spanked with weights into a shade of crimson, caned and nipple tortured. 2 girls essentially cuckolded him. He is made to lick feet and boots while they get off each other. He could do is watch in pain with his cock in a crimper and his taint! Mistress Lorelei Lee utilizes his penis in her ass, makes him permeate the gimp girl then provides him a painful, raw banged deep till he cums.Slave Zac has caused it into his third evening of Divine training. It gets harder. Can The Bitches ? Find out here at Divine Bitches.This includes, spanking, buttplugs, nipple torture, humiliation, CBT, foot and boot worship, tease and denial, caning, anal sex and much more!Maitresse’s EvaluationGoalsgratitudegrateful for submissionpoisestate of positioningcomposurecontrolled state of mindClosing assessmentstill knowing what entry means to himproper placement has improvedneeds to impede downgets ahead of himself

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