I’m home exhausted after a very long grueling three days of flying. I closed the front door and suddenly I’m grabbed from behind with a man that is large. I struggle and kick, however he clasps a cloth over my head and the room starts to go black. I awaken on the floor with my wrists bound behind rope and also my back being inserted into my ankles. I cry out begging and he demands where my safe is I inform him. I know you flight attendants make a great deal of money. I tell he about grabs my round my throat and him there is no cash. He stuffs a rag deep into my mouth securing it in using a tight cleave gag. Me; therefore hurting and I begin to fear. My knees are bound by the masked man tightly together and I struggle and onto the ground making my way. I try to manuever my ankles on the door knob but my efforts are futile – I am caught by him in the act and ropes my elbows crushing them with more and more rope up. He wraps rope around my torso securing my arms really painfully. I scream for help but he’s determined to leave me helpless. He lifts my legs and threatens to fuck me if I don&extreme . Looking for my protected leaving me fighting, off he goes. I try to open up the door knob with my feet and make my way into the door. I make no headway and that I sob into my gag. The masked man returns with my cash wrapped up in a large bankroll. He yells as he adds the bondage in my entire body and that a crotch rope together and he ends with a tight hogtie. Off he goes leaving me struggling bound and gagged and sobbing.

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