Hugo was born in Austria but proceeded into the United States when he was 12. I asked him why his family proceeded. “My dad got a job here,” he replied.Hmmm. Hugo is sort of quiet and his replies are short. Thats OK because he smiles a lot and hes got a hot, buff, hairy body!One matter that he wasnt shy around was his own girlfriend. He loved to chat about her when he asked him if he had a photo of her, he pulled five out of his pocket (shes quite pretty)…”She likes to see me masturbate,” he informed me.Apparentlyshe moans until hes almost there then makes him get off. “She likes to rub the cum into my hair,” he said. “Your pubic hair?” “Yeah.” “She enjoys the cum, then?” I teased him”Yeah.” “Is she a swallower? “He didnt know what I meant. When I explained it to him he laughed and said softly,”hello!”

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