Mary Jane is really desperate to pee, however Sosha wont let her go until she’s done with the dishes.Imagine having to pee really, really bad while getting your hands submerged in warm running water. This is what happens to Mary Jane in this video. Sosha wont let her head until she finishes the dishes, although mary Jane is still desperate to pee. The warm water in the sink that Mary Jane has to have her hands in to wash the dishes would be just making matters worse.Mary Jane begs Sosha to allow her go into the restroom, however, Sosha refuses. She clarifies, not before the dishes have been done. Mary Jane gets increasingly more desperate until she finally has an embarrassing accident inside her jeans.This movie reveals – Mary Jane doing the dishes. Lots of desperation. Sosha refusing to let Mary Jane have a break and go to the toilet. Mary Jane.

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