Sexy doe eyed Raquel Roper is on the telephone with a friend discussing the toe linking freak who&extreme;s been occupying a few young girls that were local. Someone victimizing the ones and is currently going through their homes. The nut licks and sucks and doesn’t steal, but ties up the girls, gags them ties their feet tight their feet and toes. Raquel is nervous and she paces in her barefeet. She has no concept I´m waiting right outside her bedroom doorway. I catch her in a choke hold and press on a rag. Poor amazed Raquel fights, but she is over taken by the fumes and she is out. The girl awakens bound on her bed and she’s feisty struggling and extremely loud like crazy. I kiss and laugh foot making Raquel understand acute & she;s been caught by the pervert that is kinky. I expose her tits, but I don´t even bother groping them – that&intense;s not exactly what I am interested in… it&severe;s all about a pretty woman ´s toes and feet and the more they exude, the more I really like it. I catch a piece of twine and wrap it around the girl&extreme;s enormous toes several days before cinching it closely. I use the twine that binds her large feet to hogtie her yanking her feet back super so that her large feet are in misery. Raquel yells like I tie the knot that is previous and she begins to squirm and squeal once I start to lick and caress the soles of her bare feet. She tells me I’m mad and I soon tire of her mouth. I seal it with transparent tape and then shove a sock into Raquel & severe; s belligerent mouth so she´s gagged. Acute & raquel;s eyes widen in fear. Too bad your neighbors have been on the watch for a man that is kinky and nobody would ever suspect a sweet old woman like me! I suck and lick her feet and I´m really getting turned on. I decide to leave Raquel bound, gagged, toe attached and sobbing like a baby for just a bit. I promise to come back really soon for alot more toe sucking and licking To not worry dear.

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