My law firm contains myself and two additional attorneys. Nyssa Nevers and Nyxon believe they are in reality equal partners with me personally and also &extreme;s exactly what I need them to believe. We&severe;ve eventually landed a enormous personal injury litigation which is going to end in a hefty payoff and put us onto the map. We talk about our achievement and the future of our small law business because it will take off while I’m eagerly plotting landing this massive case without them. I proceed to find a drink of water along with my weapon pointed at them. They look at me in complete shock as I need that Nyxon tie the voluptuous Asian attractiveness and push her between Nyxon´s thighs. I throw a bunch of rope and tell Nyxon to snap this up. Poor thing is fearful and her hands are shaking so badly as she binds Nyssa´s wrists behind her back that I have to step in and complete it. Stop shaking and gag that the bitch Nyxon and gag yourself. Do it today then get on your bellies. Nyxon ties Nyssa´s ankles while I catch the hogtie rope prepared and tie it off. I move over to Nyxon and jam her arms wrapping them tightly with rope cinching her elbow. By this time of the dumb bimbos are yelling. Nyssa&severe;s large tits pop out of her blouse as she rolls over struggling on the ground. Nyxon yells from the elbow bondage in pain and I end in a hogtie. I pull her huge tits and rest my feet on her bound body. From the time you bitches get free the court case will be over and I’ll be wealthy and famous. .

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