A strong, confident woman is the key to every man’s success. This classic clip of 5 minutes or more shows Jasmine keeping hubby on track by giving him a hard spanking. Jasmine says that her husband is a great man, but that sometimes he can forget things. It’s wrong that he should forget about his obligations to her. She starts each day with him on her lap, spanking him hard and making sure that he understands who’s in control. This ensures that he is well-prepared for the day ahead. Unfortunately, the next morning it is all over again. Jasmine gently rubs Jasmine’s bum to stimulate him, and then continues to give repeated punches to his sex until it turns beet-red. Hubby begs Jasmine to stop, but she insists that she does this for their mutual benefit and continues the spanking. You wouldn’t mind starting your day on Jasmine’s lap.

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