Buck Wright is bondaged, and trapped at a dangling leather cage. Because he tests his bonds his cock strains to bust out of his leather jock strap. Shortly Sebastian Keys and Dominic Pacifico arrive to torment their own leather slave. They envision his sensitive nipples and kiss, and slap against his balls and cock. Buck responds moaning together with his eye sight prevailed hypersensitive, for more. Sebastian and watch as Buck begs to cum and shakes within his bed and Dominic place a head sleeve. But whenever Buck gets closed laughing. Then they put a chunk parachute and then hang a leather boot from it. Bucks balls are pulled by the boot as Sebastian teases Bucks cock using a cock sleeve. The different senses on balls and his cock push Buck crazy and his hips piston in and outside of their sleeve because he strives to cum. Buck is really on his back with his legs up and hands tied down. A spider gag moves two closepins and his mouth open pinch his nipples. Dominic pushes against a finger in and out of his tight ass and runs his tongue. Sebastian pushes on a prostate plug in his buttocks, once Bucks ass is prepped. Buck yells because the plug arouses his insides and Dominic fucks his mouthwatering. As he chokes on Dominics monster penis Buck blows his load all over his stomach. However, Dominic and Sebastian arent done! They keep tickle his armpits and feet as Buck squirms and laughs in his bonds and then jerking his delicate post-orgasmic cock.

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