Hey guy’therefore I’m Diana Lion, a sexy blue eyed blond from Czech Republic. I’m one of these chicks like Lola, that’s got to take it, and possess it as far as I can. Most of my friends think I’m sex crazy but this is how I obviously am, I don’t always have to have a cock in me, except to have only one about for me is essential. I really do have a boyfriend I believe I do, but I never understand when he’will be around for how long he’ll stay. The same as the other night, I went to sleep and once I awakened my Charlie cock was here and waiting. It was I pleasant surprise, I hadn’t noticed him in a few.I made Charlie a bite to eat so he could get his energy up, ” he ’s always referring to working hard and being exhausted, but I believe he’s been fucking around on the other side of town. It put his snack in front of him and then put up my foot in the seat, we both began caressing and massaging up my leg and down I then lifted up my foot and started rubbing on his cock. Charlie grabbed my foot and then lifted it up into his mouth and then he began licking my foot and shoe around, he put down my foot and that I disrobed and then began rubbing my toes across his huge round balls. He even held his shorts open in the bottom and I slid right inside, rubbing my nylon covered foot up and down his thick noodle shaft. He pulled out his rod and then began sucking and licking my feet, making them all nasty and wet as I cut his balls and balls with my foot. Charlie came closer and I ended up on the counter then I wrapped my toes around his cock, stroking him up and down over and over again out of his nut sack all of the way up. I began playing with my tits squeezing and massaging them then I reached down and began rubbing my sexy twat, rubbing my girly pink up and down since Charlie sucked my feet and I foot stroked his uncut cock. Charlie stood up and I laid on my side and put my feet back around his cock stroking his depth up and down then I snapped and played with my pussy and tits. Charlie grabbed both his toes and held tightly around his cock then he began pumping his prick between them hard and fast, he’s not fucked my toes in this way before, but trust me that I ’m not mad. We moved on to the table and I got right in addition to Dog, Charlie went and began sucking on my feet and toes. I set his toes back his hard thick cock and began stroking him up and down, then I could feel his cock throbbing between my feet like the beat of a drum steady and powerful. Charlie caught and held my feet snugly around his hardened penis then he began fucking them hard and fast like before, pumping his cock in and out as I rubbed my breasts and played with my nipples. I got down from on top of the table and sat down at the seat and Charlie leaned back from the counter, grabbed my toes and began fucking them all over again. I reach down between my thighs and started rubbing and playing my twat, it had been hot, tender and very wet, it felt so good to be touched. I began playing with my breast, squeezing and massaging them equally as I continued licking my cunt and stroking his cock with my nyloned covered feet. I got back up on the counter tops and Charlie stood in the seat and I wrapped my toes back around my penis, it wasn’t long before he’d grabbed my feet and started transferring them back and on just the way he liked. I got my happy ass down from on top of the counter top and sat back down at the chair I then leaned back and put and hands on the floor I then lifted put my legs on the back of the chair. Charlie held both my feet around his cock as I moved them up down and then he began pumping his cock between my toes, as hard and as fast as he would. He shot his thick throbbing cock in his hands and jerked himself off with long hard strokes, cumming all over my toes and producing my nylons a creamy wreck. I awakened and having pure delight started licking my cum coated toes clean.

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