We´ve already been partners for nearly 25 years coming through the rankings together from street patrol to detective, but lately Steve Villa was far too heavy handed with all the perps. I&intense;ve tried talking to him about calming his anger and also keeping his hands off the offenders, but that my words fall on death ears. Steve is from control – punching, utilizing the billy club along with his big burly fists. The last two arrests didn´t go nicely when Villa went into a tirade and knocked the perps teeth outside. I&severe;ve chose to visit Internal Affairs Division and stop to let Villa know my intentions out of respect for our long-term relationship. As always, he’s cocky and arrogant – that the dirtbags needs to learn a lesson. Who cares when I’m rough up yet another loser? That kind of thing. I remain calm while he’s escalating into anger. I turn my back and the next thing I know that he jabs me in the gut with a tazer. The jolt travels throughout my body and I am disoriented. What are you doing Villa? He quickly grabs a rope and folds my wrists together behind my back. I wiggle and fight trying to regain some strength and clarity, but Villa pushes me onto the floor and continues tying me up. I start to breath hard and try to speak to him about counseling, but Villa is mad past reasoning and he catches a rag and then ties a knotted cleave gag between my lips. I can barely speak and I grunt and moan and then elbow , but he is determined to take me down. He articulates my thighs closely and keeps adding more rope. I manage to get down on the floor and inch my way to the door, but he grabs me and drags my body . Then he unties the cleave gag and shoves a enormous pair of my panties intensely into my mouth packaging it fully. I feel my lips bulge with the wad inside my mouth and he holds me down and wraps duct tape around and around my mind efficiently gagging me silent. He adds more bondage slamming my elbows together and pinning down my arms with a tight chest harness. Just like a mad man on a mission, he puts more rope threading this up and right into my pussy at a tight crotch rope finishing with arching my back into a difficult hogtie. You won´t even be ratting me out to Internal Affairs Division now he tells me. I roll around in panic as he pulls my body up on my knees to carry me off.

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