Ms Sinstress sits in her dungeon, talking to you. With her head inside the box, Sinstress is wearing slut ripped nylons with a maid’s outfit and is dressed in plain sluts. Ms Sinstress explained that sometimes she leaves her slave in her box for several hours to allow her slave time to anticipate when she will come in and give her special treats. Sinstress explained that she uses two toilets: the one in the box, and the one in the soaker. The soaker toilet is a small table covered with a lid. She relieves herself while the slave soaks in what she doesn’t catch. She shows her how to use the toilet box. She opens the lid to reveal a hole with a funnel. One end goes into the mouth of the slave. She explains that I leave the funnel out when it is necessary to use the toilet. Sinstress says that submission means that she will provide a complete toilet to the Mistress, but she now needs to go to the bathroom. When she asked the slave if she was ready to drink her nectar, she said yes. She is. This gives you a close-up view of SinstressaEUR ™, and she then goes into the funnel. SheaEUR(tm), when she’s finished, gets up and walks out of the room. SheaEUR(tm), will return when she feels the need.

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