The brand new pool boy Kevin Wang is such a slacker. He pretends to be skimming the swimming pool when clearly he’s eyeing up hot redhead Bella Ink as she lounges. She tells him to get lost because a diminished pool boy isn´t good enough for her. He attempts to convince her he is a hard working guy and this only pisses Bella off and if he won&extreme;t leave her alone she catches him in a tight choke hold and wrestles him down to the floor. As she squeezes tighter and his eyes roll back into his mind she awakens all of the things she could do to teach him a lesson. When he can no more go she calls me over and we decide the double team the pitiful loser boy. I straddle his hard body encounter slapping him until he wakes up and I push his wrists together so Bella can bind his wrists together behind his back. We pull the boy up onto his knees and push his mouth open. Bella pushes a filthy pair of panties to his mouth and we seal off it super tightly with thick electrical tape. Kevin has become reduced to grunts and groans and Bella has some interesting cutting off his air and stomping his balls with her huge size 9 feet. She facesits him until the small bitch can barely breath then sits plants and down her dirty barefeet onto his face as I tie up his legs. Bella stomps his balls and cock some more and we inform him about his plans to roll his bound and gagged ass into the deep end of the pool. His eyes widen in fear as we taunt him with having his helpless body rolled in the water with no means to get out. I finish off the disappointment in a hogtie and then we laugh make him seem in the pool and roll him closer and closer to the edge of the water jump, gagged and helpless considering his fate.

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