I&extreme;m a flight attendant on many of pilot Vicky Vixxx´s flights and I am sure she’s smuggling in diamonds to the worldwide flights and selling to the black market. I would like a piece of the action, therefore I face Vicky and need a percentage or I will rat her out. The pretty blond MILF laughs at me and will not split the profit, therefore I choose to take matters into my own hands and cut Vicky out of this picture. I plan to take over the entire operation. I press on a wet rag over her face and soon her eyes roll back in her mind and she´therefore woozy and dazed. I roll her up and then peeking her wrists together behind her back. Vicky yells and agrees to provide me a venture, however it’s too late for negotiations. I add more rope to her own body a tight crotch rope splitting her pussy in 2 and then I bind her ankles together. Vicky struggles to eliminate, but her body is already tightly tied and she can&severe;t even get free. Vicky begs for mercy but I don&severe;t attention. I sit up and place her into a choke hold I then shove a pair of panties to her big mouth and wrapping her face sealing them . I grope her bound body and taunt the greedy smuggling bitch prior to leaving her helpless and struggling on the floor knowing her days of a smuggler are all over.

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