Jasmine holds her patient and says: “Today, I must examine every organ on him.” She has him strapped on the table, and has kept him in chastity since a while. Although it is not a common procedure, both parties are convinced that this one must be done. The patient was enslaved by his masturbation. The patient must be examined daily to ensure they understand they will not only stop fucking, but are getting fucked in all the holes.

As the nurse hops on to the slave, you get a glimpse of her and can clearly see that she did not wear panties. She is not very modest, but she does have her tits exposed. You would not expect this in a kinky clinic. Jasmine’s pussy swoops over his locked-up cock. It’s so close, but it is far. Never again will he fuck another pussy. She then makes a big sound, and then proceeds to shove it in his head. It seems he’s been receiving his “treatments” for a while. The fact that it glides in so easily is proof of this. He slouches her rubber-covered fingers between his legs. She comments on how stretchy it is from the constant penetration.

He is then able to slide the speculum dilaator into her hands. She slips it in effortlessly and opens him up. Then she secures the handle under her chastity belt to make a louder sound. She says that “every hole” is going to be stretched, even your mouth. As the camera pans up, you see his mouth open because a metallic device is attached to it. He is then told that it’s being stretched in order to get her large cock. Then, she takes the cock out of her hand and puts a large gag in his mouth. This is a way to make men return home as slaves to their women, fully committed to her pleasure. If you want to be physically and mentally molded into an actual slave, this clip is for you.

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