Mistress T is extremely upset about you. You were seen at the mall speaking to a young girl. She KNOWS that she does not like the idea of her boy living with other girls. She is the only one who knows best what’s best for you. You’ve probably been thinking about that problem spot between your legs all over again. It’s right she should punish it for her own sake.

You filthy beast, pull down your pants and reach for your problem spot. She will use the spatula to smack it. WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!!! You dare to pull your naughty boy back. This lesson is essential. Don’t cry! Accept it. It is obvious that she cares about you and would do anything to make sure you are happy.

WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP! Now, rub her sexy cheeks on the bottom and kiss her sexy face like a boy. Put your head in her sex and let it go. This is the best thing for you. You naughty boy, obey her commands and all will go well. Keep licking your lips until she tells you to stop. This is your choice.

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