I&severe;ve become the treasurer for a bank. I´t relaxing on the weekend lounging around my swimming pool dressed very eroticly in a hose and stiletto heels at home. My lover is the spouse of this bank president and that I am lookinng to an afternoon of wild lesbian sex. I look up and am startled to see that a dominatrix in boots leather gloves and a tight corset. I stand up and the amazon domme grabs me and pushes his head between her big tits. I can&severe;that I pound and t mess her body hoping to get some air but intense & Sophia Stone slides and finally it is a losing battle;s entire body outside cold laying in her feet. Because the domme is linking a chair and me together, sophia frees me limp body to the house and that I awake – wrists crushed together. She hands gags me . I plead and beg but Sophia insists she will get some fun before making me endure because the banker & extreme spouse hired her to do. She gropes and manhandles my entire body laughing. The amazonian woman puts me in a choke hold that is brutal and then she XXXX a cleave gag. Sophia rubs my entire body to the rope doown and binds my legs. Acute; s wife & the banker wants it slow and nice Sophia tells me smothers me with a hand gag. Eventually she ungags me but my glimmer of hope vanishes since the huge woman shoves my mind and straddles my body. I moan and gurgle and fight, but she’s much too powerful and soon I will no longer breathe.

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