Colby Tucker has returned and is at Sebastian Keys’ mercy! HeA is blindfolded, chained to the wall and his hands are cuffed up to his legs. Sebastian is dressed in leather, with a dark t-shirt and black boots. He’s ready to take on this strong slut. ColbyA is slapped on the chest by SebastianA and he punches ColbyA in the stomach. Colby grunts at the force, and his torso turns a beautiful rosy pink under SebastianA’s expert hands. Sebastian next embellishes Colby’s chest with clothespins. Colby looks confused as Sebastian moves his fingers along the clothespins and flips them around. Sebastian tends now to ColbyA’s hard-boiled cock. Colby is in great pain as he smacks the thing. Colby attempts to shut his legs but Sebastian tells him that heA’ll get more for being disobedient. Colby then is pulled from his four limbs. Sebastian sexy and flings his tight sex, taking the time to enjoy it between bites. Colby moans while SebastianA’s mouth closes around the hole of his sex. Colby attempts to get up and avoid SebastianA’s beatings, but Colby has no where to turn. He kneels before his master. SebastianA swallows SebastianAs cock and worships every inch. Sebastian takes out the violet wand, and runs it down ColbyA’s chest. Colby is shaken as the electric wand rubs against his skin, making its way into his groin. Sebastian presses the electric wand on Colby’s skin and then fucks him. Sebastian then fucks Colby by putting him in rope and metal bondage. Colby is unable to move as Sebastian plows through his tight hole, before dumping his loads all over his sex. Sebastian takes Sebastian’s cum and licks it off of his boyA. Colby finally gets his hands on SebastianA’s leather boots, and then licks them all.

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