Max Konnor, a muscle bound man has Jon Darra at the mercy of him. Jon Darra, blindfolded and holding a ball-gag inside his mouth is taken into MaxA’s lair. Max takes Jon to MaxA’s lair, hands him his wrists and turns him round. Max takes Jon to the bottom of his pants with his leather gloves. Max slaps JonA on the chest and face, then uses a leather flogger and hits JonA’s abdomen, legs, and cock. JonA’s cock gets bigger with every whip to the dick. Max grabs JonA’s hard-boiled cock and uses one of his leather glovesd hands to get it out. He then flies the cock with the other. Max raises the stakes and hits JonA harder with his flogger. He releases JonA from his wrists, and orders him to sit down on his knees. Jon rubs MaxA’s leather jock on his back and takes a few sniffs. The next scene shows Jon lying on his stomach with his wrists and legs attached to a bed frame made of metal. He is tied to his knees with an asshole. Max approaches JonA and hits him with his large hard cock. Jon attempts to get his cock into his mouth, but Max will not let him. HeA will have to work hard for it. Max grabs his cane, whipping JonA repeatedly in pain. Max finally gets his cock and slides the massive meat into JonA’s throat. Max is after JonA’s sex and slides his fat dick into JonA’s throat and gets sucked deep. The next scene shows JonA with his arms tied behind him and partially suspended by rope bondage. While MaxA is riding on MaxA’s back, his mouth gets pucked by the fucking machine. Max quickly gets under Jon’s skin and places himself between Jon and MaxA. He then fucks Jon more dog-style without changing any of their bondage. Max gets into a fight with JonA and unleashes an enormous hot load on him.

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