I&severe;ve been seized by a rival agency stripped to my underwear and jumped to a chair in an abandoned industrial complex. My clothes are removed to humiliate me and stop me from escaping. Can & severe get free, although I struggle and moan against the restraints. The interrogator Bella Lovez comes to the room. She is confident and cocky because she eliminates the hood. The leggy blonde asks what my mission is, but I refuse to speak and that I’m working for along with the blond operative starts to find real – slapping my tits and pulling my hair backagain. Bella goes into her bag stating she can make anyone talk. My eyes widen in panic as she threatens to use it on me and pulls a vice grip out. She waves it tightly in front of my head but I continue to deny her the information. You dumb bitch I´ve acute;ve ever been living and I&acute – you won&severe;me break. The key agent tapes it into silence my screams and then shoves a gag into my mouth. I haven&severe;t had my own pleasure she says. You will tell me everything!! As she applies a tazer to my own skin sending shock waves bella laughs. I shout through my gag, but no one can hear and nod my head yes – I will provide you the information – I moan from the seat head against my chest. The ditch agent doesn´t realize severe & that I;ve needed shock training and this is merely a trick. The cocky blonde spy calls for her service to report her progress unaware while her back is turned, that the bondage is being untied by me. I scattering the bitch until she goes down to the floor and sneak up behind her with her taser. When Bella wakes up she’s stripped her clothing and jump to the seat using a hood covering her head. Her confidence is shattered and her fate is known by helpless Bella. She begins to beg for mercy, but I am pitiless. I fondle her slim body and little tits straddling her. I whisper in her ear as I show her that the proper use of a tazer. Well, well little one is this your hot spot as I press against her thigh. Oh ? Think about the pussy? Zap!!! Bella´s body bucks and spasms as I like slowly… very slowly revealing her how torment, interrogation and breaking down an operative is done by an expert!!

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