Max has gotten increasingly more comfortable with himself since he”investigates” I knew that I wanted to watch him together with Mitch. Mitch and max have a lot of similar qualities , in their personalities and looks. Their bodies and big and beefy! Sex with them would be just like a meeting of those Titans!Both of them are. Therefore, we took them into the beach to get some sun and throw the ball around. They did some drills at the sand, played at the water and got a small aggressive by seeing who can throw the ball the furthest.Once we have back inside, they started making out. It was really hot seeing Maxs body against Mitchs and then Max started sucking on Mitchs balls and munching on his bum. They then moved to Mitch bent Max, and the ab seat over and pitched in. Max is a hairy man and the moment they started fucking you could see the sweat soaking his buttocks, legs and torso! They fucked in the fitness center no lie on every bit of equipment. Because they were never seen before, Mitch is becoming experimental!

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