She refused to talk to me , although I understand it isn & severe; t correct to follow my boss home. Southern belle Miss Amanda Foxx gave me a horrible 30 day inspection and I am destined for unemployment. I desperately need another chance and hope she’ll hear reason. She seems stunned to see me at her door and I beg to come inside. We sit on the couch and I attempt to convince her to rehire me. Please Miss Foxx just give me another chance. The snooty blonde bitch holds her head up high and continues to emphasise me – insult after insult around my job performance in her southern drawl. Enough!!!! I hammering her fast and grab her body – . The bitch didn&severe;t know what hit on her. I catch her slender wrists behind her immediately and back rope them together crushing her elbows . The shock within her blue eyes that are uppity is well worth every second!! I unbutton her lace blue bra exposing her big natural tits. I bind her wrists and then make her cry out in pain. Too late to reconcile Miss Boss. I push her vuluptuous body down on the ground and decide a little embarrassment is in order. I peel my satin panties and tell the bitch to start wide. How&severe;so Miss Bossy Executive??? Who&severe;s accountable now missy?? I wrap multiple layers of black vet wrap snugly around her pretty little mind making her speechless for a change!!!! Can´t even give orders now, will you Amanda??? A nice tight crotch rope to give you a camel toe and hurt your pussy is going to perform just fine. I fasten the crotch rope to her wrists so every time she struggles with her wrists, and her pussy will scream in torment. I tie her in a hogtie and rest my stiletto high heels on her body. A little XXXX foot out of my feet adds to her displeasure. Snotty boss Amanda isn&severe;t so caked today!!!

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