I am currently living with my brand new buddy in his house that was big and was just released from prison a few months back. The video starts with me speaking on the phone about jewel jewel heist. I inform him that we will need to go find the next heist, when I hear how much money we left. Just then the door bell rings. When I look up I find Miss Freshie Juice, my parole officer, in the doorway. Because I failed to record in for my last appointment that is compulsory freshie was on the lookout for me. Freshie informs me without getting permission from my parole officer that I was not supposed to go from this county and not to have any contact with known felons. She then informs me that she is going to have to take me . But just as Freshie starts to call her office, she catches her . After Freshie is subdued I eliminate all her clothing leaving her nude. I toss it next to Freshie & severe and then catch some rope;s nude curvy body. Freshie realizes severe & she; s tightly bound and comes to. She looks at with her blue eys and urgently attempts to talk me. I laugh as I shut her up by stuffing her mouth and peel my lace panties down. I tape the gag into her mouth with layers of tape that is thick. Once fulfilled that extreme & Freshie isn; t going anywhere I leave her jump on the couch to go make some plans to get her disappearance. Freshie panics struggling to put herself and struggle to achieve the door inch by inch the entire time. Finally Freshie gets into the door and lifts her leaping legs attempting desperately to unlock the move together with her feet. She sobs because she begins to crying for assistance and creates no progress. Once she hears my gaze. Freshie makes one last attempt to shout through her gag pushing the panty gag stuffing. I walk in to find Freshie trying to escape. I inform her she knows a great deal and scold Freshie grabbing Freshies hair and fondling her own body to the disgust of my captive and we cannot let her depart. I add one last piece of rope yanking on on the thick woman. I leave her helplessly fighting with a panic wondering her fate…

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