We’re back to the finale of the bizarre roleplay situation of their conqueror and his captive, starring Naomi and Totti! Is there nothing that can faze this rebellious girl? Thinks cruel soldier Totti because he reflects that spanking. . .cocksucking. . .assfucking. . .and the dirtiness of the loft where she is arrested haven’t had any impact in breaking the soul of Naomi, who has pretty much spit in the view of the conquerors who have overrun her nation! Nicely, Totti has yet another tactic up his sleeve. . .and his superior officers may really approve! He pours tacky massage oil throughout this girl’s lush and arrogant human anatomy. . .oil which might be used for healing, sensual massage at peacetime, but will be used for much more sinister and instructive functions! The intentions of instructing a lady to comply, dread, and respect her CONQUEROR! The oil slides down her titties, which he squeezes. . .she barely blinks an eye, even despite being chained to the ceiling. . .he drenches the insolent young vixen with all the oil, then pouring it all on her face and hair and torso. Ah, that is apparently wiping a number of the spunkiness out of this bitchy little missy! He pulls her tits, tweaking the nipples fiercely. . .and then comes the master stroke, which will certainly please the high command with its creativity if he invites the officers to come from and observe! He’s carried this idea around with him because the very first day that he joined the military and marched off to conquest with his brothers-in-arms! Taking out a cushion, he rips it open also lets loose all of the feathers onto Naomi’s nude, full body body! And in so doing, he provides her that most early of punishments–being feathered! The oil gets it stick with your own body, ha-ha! However, what–the small witch is still laughing! How dare she! Totti keeps slapping on the feathers, eventually holding the pillow above her head until all of them flutter down at a perverted shower which will reveal this woman once and for all that she is the conquered, and she’ll show him some respect! She will, will not she?? Won’t she YOU be the judge!!!

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