That is a narrative of this far-flung future, when the world is split in to two teams: the Naturals, who make love nude, and also the Costumers, that create love in materials such as rubber, leather, or in this case, latex! Kristien, dressed in his dark latex outfit, conveys Latex Lucy in his armshaving rescued her until our spectacle begins from some evil Naturals that have been threatening to take away Lucy’s latex drapes and induce her to live and love in her bare skin. Luckily our damsel-in-distress was tailed off just in time with her own knight in shining latexwho takes her back to his home which he calls Latexia, which will be where our scene begins. Putting her down on the floor, Kristien attaches her toes to a distinctive pulley he retains in his back, so that he can then push her up and let her rotate through the atmosphere, putting off in her mind that beautiful disorienting sense of being upside down and revel in latex and also at the mercy of some other lover of latex. Kristien assesses Lucy’s body by touching her shocking pink latex skinrubbing her cunny and tits throughout the tight material, and letting the blood pool inside her noggin as she hangs upside down along with her buttocks swinging free and nearly touching the ground. However, something is lacking out of Latex Lucy’s life at this instant! Ah yes, she’s missing the taste of cock! Or if not the taste of penis, then the thrusting ability of cock, as evidenced in Kristien’s shaft which is coated in black latex! He fucks her mouth with his coated prick, filling Lucy’s lips till he blows his load through the small hole in the tip. Then he leaves her with a significant load dangling from her mouth hole and down into her eyes. You see? They might be dressed in latexbut in the long run they do the exact items the Naturals do! People are alike, regardless of what they wear when they cum! Why won’t those judgmental Naturals just leave them alone??

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